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Unveiling Wellness from Head to Neck
The Department of Shalakyatantra
Welcome to the Department of Shalakyatantra, where the delicate realm of head and neck finds solace in the embrace of Ayurveda. Our dedicated team delves into the intricacies of the "Uttamanga" – the superior parts of the body – encompassing eyes, ears, nose, throat, and beyond. We embrace a holistic approach, understanding the intricate pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management of conditions affecting these precious areas.

Vision: Uttamangasya Samrakshanam – Protecting and Preserving the Superior Organs


Nurturing Knowledge: We impart quality and value-based education, fostering a deep understanding of Shalakyatantra principles and practices. Our students emerge as confident and competent professionals, ready to serve humanity with compassion and expertise.
Empowering Research: We actively promote research and evidence-based documentation in the field of Shalakyatantra. Our ongoing endeavors contribute to the advancement of this ancient science, bridging the gap between tradition and modern innovation.
Community Outreach: Recognizing the importance of eye care, we spearhead initiatives like Drishti Dhanvantari, an eye collection center devoted to the cause of eye donation and preservation.
Departmental Initiatives:

Education Beyond Textbooks: Our classrooms extend beyond traditional lectures, utilizing models, charts, instruments, and specimens to offer a comprehensive understanding of structural and functional aspects, diagnostic techniques, and therapeutic approaches in Shalakyatantra.
Harnessing Technology: We embrace modern advancements to enhance learning and patient care, incorporating cutting-edge diagnostic tools and treatment methodologies alongside the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda.
Fostering a Culture of Wellness: We believe in preventive care and empower individuals to cultivate holistic head and neck wellness through Ayurveda's guidance.
Join us in this exploration of ancient wisdom and modern advancements, where we strive to illuminate the path towards optimal head and neck health for all.
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