Unveiling Visha: The Department of Agada Tantra Evam Vidhi Vaidyak - New Project

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Unmasking Toxins, Preserving Life
The Department of Agada Tantra Evam Vidhi Vaidyak
Standing as a sentinel against the perils of poisons, the Department of Agada Tantra Evam Vidhi Vaidyak at [Institution Name] delves into the fascinating world of Ayurveda toxicology and forensic medicine. As one of the eight pillars of Ayurveda, Agada Tantra empowers students to comprehend, combat, and conquer the complexities of Visha (poison) across various facets.


Our vision is to ascend as a pinnacle of excellence in academics, research, and clinical services within the realm of toxicology. We strive to illuminate the profound wisdom of Visha within Ayurvedic scholarship, ensuring its valuable application in higher education and medical practice. Through our unwavering commitment, we aim to propel Agada Tantra towards new frontiers, fortifying its role in the everlasting legacy of Ayurveda.


Preserving Traditions: We bridge the gap between ancient Visha Vaidya Chikitsa and modern scientific validation, meticulously researching and verifying traditional practices.
Ethical Guardians: We cultivate a spirit of ethical medical practice in our students, equipping them with the knowledge and confidence to navigate medicolegal challenges with success.
Departmental Initiatives:
Unveiling Toxins: Our robust curriculum encompasses Visha vijnana (Ayurveda Toxicology), Forensic Science, Medical Jurisprudence, and comprehensive understanding of medical field regulations. We delve into the impacts of air, water, and land pollution, equipping students to address contemporary toxic threats.
Ethics at the Forefront: Medical Ethics education is integral to our program, instilling in students the values and principles necessary for responsible and compassionate healthcare practice.
Laboratory of Discovery: Our dedicated Toxicology Lab facilitates hands-on learning and research, fostering student engagement and exploration in the realm of Visha analysis and treatment.
Join us in this noble pursuit, where ancient wisdom meets modern science to combat the shadows of toxicity and illuminate the path towards a healthier, safer future.
Anantha Laxmi Government Ayurvedic Medical College Warangal,
0870 - 2954153
Email :        principal.algacwgl@gmail.com

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